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About Dyslexia Test & Tips™

The compiler of this app has a wealth of experience after many years of guiding dyslexic children. By observing the children, but also their parents and other members of the family, a picture emerges of what it is to be dyslexic. A person with dyslexia is completely different to someone who is not dyslexic.

This app has been developed out of a deep love and commitment to the profession and with the intention of sharing information so that all can benefit. By doing the dyslexia test yourself, or letting family and friends, colleagues or neighbours take the test, it will soon become clear if there is a possibility of dyslexia. And the sooner professional help can be sought.

The wide range of tips in the app can contribute to a better future for those with dyslexia. In fact, we can all benefit, whether dyslexic or not, by improving the way we communicate.

The app has been extensively tested by psychologists and dyslexia specialists.

Children and (young) adults who are not such good readers are advised to use the app with someone to help them.